A beginning

There had always been the dream of buying land I think. At 16 our young selves may have only seen the romance. Now we are looking at it with mud on our hands. Either this will be the story of a dream come true or a salutary tale of dreams left in tatters and a family starting all over again having lost more than the vision. At this point our feelings are mixed given the extent of the opposition of the potential outcomes.

We saw the land today. It is right where we want to be and it is big. It would be just the place for a little log cabin and some children, wild and free. It was cold and windy too. This is not all going to be idyllic.

Already there are lots of phone calls to have. Excited log cabin companies hoping for some big business. A much more pessimistic conveyor casting doubt on whether we will be able to get a mortgage for the land. We don’t need a huge amount so a personal loan is another option but we had been told a mortgage would be fine. Someone saying otherwise seems like the first example of the doubt and cold water that I’m sure will be coming our way. It seems like books and fairy tales say to hold on to the dream, suffer courageously and then enjoy the rewards of the hardship endured. My head wonders if another possibility is that you keep going at your peril. That would make a more entertaining story except for those writing it.

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