Don’t drop your phone down the toilet

Staffordshire County Council have a pre-application service which involves submitting your plans and ideas, letting them glimpse the dream. They respond with information about what in your plans would result in a failed planning application. It’s a chance for them to stomp on the dream, or to understand what it is you want to do and help you through the planning application. The latter is what they intend, the former will not be our experience I hope.
Ben submitted our pre-planning application yesterday so they now have 21 days to respond. We were hoping it wouldn’t be 21 days until we heard about the offer we had made on the land.

Around 9.30am Ben dropped his phone in the toilet. He retrieved it without weeing on it but spent the next twenty minutes trying to charge up an old phone to receive any incoming calls. It worked only well enough for him to know he was receiving a call from the estate agent. Fortunately my phone has not spent time in the toilet yet. The answer was yes, offer accepted. I knew from the thundering feet running down the stairs (our phone signal is only reliable upstairs. And this isn’t a self build), and then I really knew from the smile, the kiss and dancing light in his eyes and the words. Yes, this is really happening.

In the calm of the evening in front of the fire Ben and I had an important conversation. He opened with “thank you for letting me do this”. I’m not letting him do this. This is an adventure we are going on together because we both want to and we think it will be good for us and our children. Ben has been the one to drive and nurture the dream and to see the opportunity when it arose. I’m more one to float downstream. I’m not strong enough to swim against the current except in his wake. Being with Ben means I can go to places I couldn’t get to on my own. Many of those places have been beautiful. The place we are heading to is going to be beautiful. I expect that the water will almost all be turbulent on the way but the journey will be together and the destination is going to be our own.

I wonder what would happen if you dropped a phone down a compost toilet.

1 thought on “Don’t drop your phone down the toilet”

  1. Ted dropped my phone down the toilet, I do wonder what calls I’m missing this week!

    All sounds very exciting, I hope Staffordshire get back to you positively and you can get to work.


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