Waiting, waiting

It’s a funny thing when you’re waiting. You begin to think you will never hear the news you are waiting for. That makes it feel like things will never change. But things do change. Things can change completely in a moment. We learned all about that last year when the Blue Line changed our whole life in a moment. Our lives seem so permanent and unchanging and then change comes and you realise it was always transient. You just hadn’t noticed that for a while. We were going to go skiing. Instead I stayed home trying not to vomit.

Here we are in our house, we’ve been here a while and still we wait for news from the planners. It will come but until it does it feels like we will be here forever. This is what life is made of. Moments that feel like they will last forever and then you notice they have passed and the next moment has arrived. Right up until there isn’t a next moment.

I can only think that this moment is worth savouring even though the next moment looks from here like it will be more exciting. Or perhaps it will never come. I hope it will come. Still no news.

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