Two small steps

Another week thinking nothing would change but expecting perhaps something might and then two pieces of news within a couple of days of each other. News that arrived in the right order.

There are two access tracks leading onto the field. One in the bottom right hand corner, and the other leading up to the top left corner. The current derelict house is in the top left corner but we had made our offer with the understanding that we wouldn’t be allowed to use the track that leads almost to the house. This would mean that the access track would need to be laid, and it would be long. And expensive. Also if there are services to be found they will be under the other access track. The news: maybe our new neighbours are pleased about us and what, if anything they have heard about our plans. They have agreed through the solicitors that we can use the sort, direct access track. This is great news! We are really pleased. It’ll be a much nicer way to come up to the house and will mean we don’t need to lay a track through the land. It will also save us a lot of money.

A couple of days after receiving this news we heard back from the pre-planning application. I guess not being the full planning application perhaps they can’t be as specific and clear as we had hoped, but in general they seem favorable to our idea. Not too keen on the access track though. The one we don’t need to build any more.

It’s nearly time to get our plans to the architects and decide finally on the company we would like to work with. Lots of fun evenings by the fire drawing plans of what we’d like to build, imagining sitting in front of a different fire, looking out on a different view.

In other news I’ve started making bread again. It is one of my favourite things to do but it must be about 2 years since I last made any,what with life, pregnancy and baby. This feels like a really happy thing 🙂

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