Alabaster stones

Ben asked me what I would like in the house, if I could have anything. My answer, after I thought about this, surprised me and then didn’t surprise me. What I’d really like in our house is a big bedroom. Big enough to have space for our bed, and then space and then somewhere to sit looking out of a big window. I love my bedroom. Not that I actually currently love my bedroom but I tend to want to be in a bedroom. It’s an improvement though. This time last year, stuck in bed our bedroom was the box room with a super king size mattress taking up the whole floor, on the floor. Functional but not pretty. When I’m not ill the thing I like about a bedroom is that it’s a place to go to take a minute. To find calm in the chaos, to retreat for a moment to somewhere that is most intimately mine (and Ben’s, although he’s not one for fleeing to a quiet place).

Now it’s also a different place to be with Birch, a private place for cooing and gurgling together. Sometimes a place to listen to the bustle of the house, extracted from it for a moment. I’d really like a beautiful bedroom with space to stand and stare. What is life without that moment?

I’d also consider putting a standing bath in the window. I do love a bath. Just about every night, in fact it’s where I often write. I conceive of luxury quite well. I don’t think that’s what this is about. We won’t have a bath while we live in a yurt.

I asked Myrtle what she would like if she could have anything. Her answer was humbling. If only she always felt like this :

“Well, I have everything I want so I don’t want anything. Except maybe a fluffy notebook. And a Harry Potter wand”.

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