There are moments in life which put everything into perspective. We are healthy, fed and warm. There is so much we haven’t had to go through. I’m not sure I would be the same good example that others have been going through trials that I have not looked in the face. I watch others endure with grace and beauty and I will try to remember that when challenges come. I suppose we are given these extraordinary examples to show how it is possible to keep going, to keep giving God glory and to do what is right despite great and continuing suffering. To spur us on to do better, to endure when our time comes, to keep going.

Also to remember to be thankful. There is such a very lot to be thankful for and it is so easy not to notice. Blessings come in a torrent every day but until there is an existential challenge I take them for granted, not even perceiving what is being done for me. Every moment. And what was already done. So many moments, each laced with myriad blessings that I skated over, enjoying without really appreciating. Today I stop to notice.

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