Ten years!

We watched an episode of Grand Designs the other night. As you might expect we are doing quite a bit of that. In this episode the guy spent ten years building his house. Ten years! His children were grown by the time he was finished. They had become builders and makers too, in different ways. It was an extraordinary and lovely thing.

Which is not to say that it will be ten years before we move into our houze. I hope it won’t be. It really won’t be. I know, unfortunately that I don’t have that kind of sticking power.

I do hope our project is a bit like that man’s though. He was relishing every moment, enjoying the process and not dashing to the finish line. I suspect his house will never be finished. Perhaps in a sense ours won’t be either. After all, really we are the house. I think that’s why Ben had wanted so much to do this. To make a house that reflects us, grows and ages with us, shows some strength as it weathers the storms that come our way. At the end of it all, is still standing.

The Man who Took Ten Years had a lot really right. He invested love and care in the building of his house, paid great attention to the detail and enjoyed the journey. We hope to build our physical house within one year but hope to give love and attention to detail to the building of our family. That will take more than ten years, but building our house together will be part of that journey.

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