A place to call home, for a while

There seem to be a lot of things to think about when planning to build a house. The thing currently occupying us is what to live in while we build. There are lots of options which doesn’t always make for an easy decision.

We’d really like to be living on our land as soon as we can. Partly so we can start planting and also to feel like we’ve really started our adventure. That rules out renting (for now, anyway; if it gets really bad we could come back to this option). That leaves some kind of temporary dwelling on site.

The obvious option is a static caravan. There are some advantages to this: essentially a partioned space with all the basics for what you need, something you can resell when you’re done, with little expense, relatively speaking. We aren’t very much static caravan kind of people although I can see why it works for a lot of people. Certainly it’s straightforward and inexpensive.

The idea we’ve had been sticking with for a while is a yurt. A big, circular space within which we can incorporate most of what we need, with a toilet and shower block located externally. A big yurt would feel like a good space, but it would be one space all together. Nowhere to escape to, although we could put up our bell tent as another space to use. Yurts are pretty, and can be well insulated and cosy. We had a holiday in a yurt. That won’t be like living in one for around a year. We could keep it afterwards as an extra space, a good place for guests although there would be maintenance costs associated with that. A more expensive option, but also prettier. The external toilet and shower, not so much.

Another option is a kind of shed, built under permitted development rights that would eventually be a workshop but in which we could live. Thinking we would live in a shed for a year doesn’t fill me with enthusiasm but maybe I have yet to perceive the vision.

I very much would like to be warm. Beyond that I like to think I’m flexible. I may need to be. Any great suggestions?!

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