Blood so thick

That sounds gory. This won’t be. The packing and storing is well underway and our home is beginning to feel a bit under furnished. This time next month we will be out and settled in at my parents’ house. Thinking about how this will be has made me feel very grateful. I know a lot of people would have limited enthusiasm about moving in with their parents for an indefinite number of months. I’m looking forward to it. There will be times when I’m embarrassed by my imperfect parenting and the parts of life that don’t shimmer but even that’s ok. They understand. I have wonderful parents.

As in the post about the guy who took ten years, this is part of our journey and it is a privilege to share it along the way. We get on really well with my mum and dad and I’m looking forward to enjoying spending parts of our life together that you don’t normally share. Evenings getting the kids to bed and then enjoying some moments in the calm. Bath times. That quiet moment when the baby goes down for a nap.

Speaking of that baby, he’s doing a lot of lying on the floor waggling his limbs. I don’t think it will be long before he’s crawling. Another moment to enjoy sharing, another adventure for him to embark on.

I’m aware that not everyone has the same experience with their parents as I do with mine. It is a rare and special thing. That might be a really good job when the baby breaks an ornament and we find out there is some problem with planning that at the moment we haven’t foreseen. Good job they don’t have a lot of ornaments. And that when he is asleep Birch is really beautiful.

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