No news is.. no news

This is a waiting time for the most part. No news is no news. And then two (small) pieces of news at once. I think there’s meant to be a third? We can hope so. The news we are waiting for still hasn’t come. Which is to say we still don’t own the land. The trustees don’t seem to meet very often. We need them to confirm that we won’t trigger the overage if we build out buildings in addition to the house. It shouldn’t because the overage is a legal clause designed to prevent the building of more than one dwelling. If we did that, we’d have to pay the previous person the increase in value if the land. I have no idea how you’d calculate that if it counted the building of a garage. We just want to build one house. Plus a few useful bits and pieces like a garage. There is no incentive for the trustees to agree this in that they wouldn’t get the money either way so we just have to wait for them to get around to it.

This isn’t really that much of a problem. To live on the land in a caravan we’d need water and electricity, which will take up to three months to get installed so we are already tight for getting in by September. That’s the deadline because the children will start their new school (or schools, if they don’t get places at the same one) in September. Assuming that’s not going to happen we’ve started looking out for a suitable rental. Six months rental would take us through the winter which is a definite plus, and maybe we’d stick with it until the house is done or maybe we will go for the caravan plan in the spring. It’s a great feeling, that we can wait, we can go with it, it’ll be fine. We are applying for the school places from our current address so our rental address wouldn’t make a difference for that. And if the whole thing falls through we will just do some renting for a while, settle in, cross the next bridge when it comes.

The news we did get, was that the DNA test to detect Great Crested Newts came back positive. Kind of bad news in that it makes things more complicated, but sort of good in that it shows the land is not particularly polluted and the ecosystem is doing well. And we might find newts,which would be exciting. It might delay the demolition and building, but if we aren’t living in a caravan that’s not such a big deal.

This undertaking is all about patience and so far we have a little more than I expected. That feels great. This is good. All is well.

The other news is that I think we are going to build a bungalow. The planners are being quite rigid about size; they are focusing on volume rather than footprint and we can increase only by the 35% permitted development rights that all buildings have. By building on one storey we save the footprint and volume of a staircase which is not insignificant. We used to live in a bungalow. I loved it. No twisty tree spiral staircase though which we were both excited about. Worth the sacrifice though. And I did love that bungalow.

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