A while ago I wrote…

A while ago I wrote… Tonight there is nothing to say. No news, no change, just family life. Somehow that seems the same really, as when there is news. What this is really all about is family life in the context of what seemed like an exciting adventure. Right now, it’s really boring. The solicitors all seem to be Out of the Office until the end of July. I guess they don’t have kids and are off on their holidays before the schools break up and the prices go through the roof. That seems bad. Supply and demand I suppose. It’s nice going on holiday with children, although a bit less relaxing and a bit more Work as Usual in a Different Place. Still it’s what I’d choose if it was still a choice. That’s good to know. I am not always quite so sure, just like most other parents I guess.

Good things come. In the end. After you’ve waited. This week I finished knitting a baby blanket. He’s been born a while but he kept us all waiting. I suspect his parents have been too busy not sleeping to have been waiting for a blanket, but still I’m glad I got it finished. There is not so much knitting time just now. At this point I feel I should confess that Birch is a great napper. I saw a mum of a seven month old who was thrilled her baby had napped independently for the first time today. Birch got that at four months. I should be even more grateful for that than I am. I am very grateful. It makes for good knitting time.

The land is a good thing. I hope it comes to those who wait. Seems like we’ve been waiting ages. It is a while.