Something exciting is happening. People are offering to help us. Others want to be involved and join us in the journey. People who can see what we are aiming to do and are keen to share the dream. I’m really amazed. It is so great to find we are not walking this path alone. What we are aiming to do is not the usual thing, it’s quite different and to some people kind of odd. But it turns out there are quite a few who want to help us. I didn’t expect this and it is extraordinary and lovely and really special. It also seems like such an opportunity, to share this part of our life, and to have what we build become a patchwork of the people who have had a part in it.

I’m also really grateful. I’ve been feeling a bit scared, a bit over whelmed. So much has changed, so much is still to change but we are not alone. To know there are people who will say “hang on, what about this…”, or “yes, this is good, keep going” just feels so much better.

I’m always amazed and moved when I find people care. I’m very introverted and spend too much time inside my soul, but to open the curtains and feel some love takes me by surprise every time. Thank you.

I don’t actually think we should build a patchwork house. I’d love to make some wall hangings though.

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